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The standpoint taken by Prometheus Society to the Treaty on the objections based on conscience

The Constitution of the Slovak Republic states in article 1 "The Slovak Republic is a sovereign, democratic and law-abiding state. It is not linked to any ideology, or religion." Therefore the Prometheus Society, as the only society associating the secular humanists in Slovakia is convinced that the Basic Treaty of Slovak Republic with the Holy See, as well as the additional consequential treaties break down democracy and grant to the Catholic Church extraordinary rights incompatible with a legal order of a sovereign nation. The eventual acceptance of this complementary treaty about the objections of conscience would be a further fostering of intolerance and discriminating against those professing other faith or convictions, including their human and citizen's rights. The most essential interference in the sovereignty of the Slovak state is the proposed creation of a Common committee for exercising the citizen's rights according to this Treaty. Linking conscience to professing any faith means legalizing one single and rejecting all other religious faiths or nonreligious philosophic believes

We maintain, that similarly like in the EU as a whole and in its several member states – to by precise in Denmark, Greece, Portugal, Germany, Austria, the Constitution of the Slovak Republic should be completed by articles on behaviour of citizens related to Churches , at which preference must be given to respecting the legal order of the state, not any other institution, moreover if such an institution is extraterritorial – residing abroad. We are in favour of the principle to honour legal norms, which safeguard equal protection of all citizens.

The presidium of the Central Council of Prometheus Society

Bratislava on November 2, 2005.


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