Proselytising pupils in primary PUBLIC schools in Slovakia

(Press release in the daily SME of June 2, 2003 – Press agency SITA)

Annoyance of pupils´ parents in the Primary school and Secondary school on Tilgner street  was stirred up by a two-hours-meeting of their children with members of society Renewal Ministries of USA and the Community of Dlhé Diely, which was held on Tuesday in the rooms of school sports hall.

The innocent-looking gathering, which had to deal with CHRISTIAN VALUES of the family life, was swapped for an agitation for FAITH IN GOD. The members of Renewal Ministries asked the children whether they believed in God, what they knew about him, and where did they read about him To some of the pupils one member of the "society's folks" advised to find his proper route, because  "if you recognise the God, he will try to help you".

The parents were enraged by such a way of communicating with their children. They reproached the choolmistress, because "it was NOT THE FIRST TIME that such a gathering took place in the school sports hall this year".  The first agitation with religious societies took place in September this year. At that time the parents strongly protested at the parents meeting with school staff.

Since then till Tuesday no such meeting was held. The schoolmistress Mrs. Alena Turcanova admitted hat SHE INVITED the Society to have their TEACHING. She maintained that currently more negative than positive pressures were exerted on children, that's why she was thinking to show them a MORE POSITIVE ROAD (!?). She didn't know anything about the Community of Dlhé Diely neither about the Renewal Ministries; she found some
information about them only on the Internet.

 She had no impression that they BELONGED TO ANY SECT.*) She was impressed by their promise to communicate with children in English language. (Comment of ranslator: HOW COULD THEY COMMUNICATE WITH CHILDREN OF THE FIRST FORM OF PRIMARY SCHOOL IN
She reached an agreement with them, that they would NOT PERSUADE THE CHILDREN BELIEVING IN GOD (COMMENT of translator: you can believe it or not!)

The members of the society started to communicate with children in English only after the demand of teachers who supervised this gathering After this experience the schoolmistress does not intend to organise any similar gatherings (Comment of translator: You can believe it or not)

*)Comment: she did not intend to proselytize for ANY SECT, ONLY FOR THE CATHOLIC CHURCH !!!


That´s just one example!

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