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New model of (medieval) State church relation in Slovakia.

One of the main demands for changing the former communist system in Czechoslovakia at the overturn of the former regime was to implement  separation of State and church.The so called Czechoslovak velvet revolution in November 1998 proclaimed this aim as a priority.This step was meant as an approximation to real DEMOCRACIES in the contemporary world .

But all that rapidly changed

The former prime minister of Slovakia Mr. V. Mečiar  at the occasion of his visit to Vatican proclaimed: "Slovakia could become a model of church State relation with a special respect for Christian values".

The pope responded with a great pleasure telling: "This could change the future of the whole humankind"



After the split of Czechoslovakia into two independent nations (Czech republic and Slovakia) the State church separation - although a point of prime importance became a taboo, and   all the Slovak governments turned suddenly their coats. Instead of their promises to implement State church separation started to vie for the favours of Catholic church. The last decade was marked by a systematic creation  of a clerical State, the former ideology was supplemented by "RELIGION", and enormous amounts of public funds were spent for strengthening the power and influence of (Catholic) church.

On the other hand the minority of nondenominational citizens has been systematically marginalised by denying them financial subsidies, access to mass media and intimidating them by a huge propaganda in favour of "religious ideology" as a Slovak "historical tradition".



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