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In the present (meticulously hidden) clerical regime of Slovakia which claims to be in the process of transforming towards true DEMOCRACY- acts of instigation against " those evil humanists -atheists" appear often in press or in massmedia.

One of such recent attacks was published in the Catholic biweekly "KULTÚRA" (September 19, 2001). A highly venerated personality- Viktor Trstenský- bearing the title of "papal prelate" being a Catholic dignitary of the church published an open letter to the president of Slovak republic in which he said:

"…Undermining the fundamentals of religion…. has been always a destruction of individuals…as well as of the whole humankind. Therefore it would be better for the State Security Units to look for those "termites", who provoke unrest by their "godlessness"…and put them behind bars" We thank you most sincerely ( addressed to the president) for your understanding for the believing citizens."

This example demonstrates the ways how TERRORIST MOVEMENTS are created (comparable with Al Chaeda of Osama bin Laden)

The brains of some FANATICS can become so much disturbed that they start to work uncontrolably. Such "religious enthusiasts" start to instigate others against " dissidents" who do not share their own believes. This can gradually lead to ever more escalating VIOLENCE. The recent histories as well as the preceding development of all religions reveal lots of such bloodsheds. Typical for the beginnings of such developments is that all of them seem to be quite innocent at their onset. The further development can escalate as an avalanche, because every hostile action provokes REPRISALS. That's how TERRORIST ACTS START.

In Slovakia there is a provision of the penal code imposing PUNISHMENT of every act of disseminating hatred against people for their national, or religious, or NON-RELIGIOUS allegiance .(Penal code/ § 198 - DISPARAGEMENT for national, religious, or NON-RELIGIOUS allegiance)

It would be the duty of attorney general to start immediately prosecution against such dangerous perpetrators.


Prometheus Society had prior to that story filed a complain to the attorney general in a similar case, when the Bishops Conference of Slovakia issued a pastoral letter and vituperated "those who claim to be "godless" in its pastoral letter, which was read by Catholic priests in every church.

BUT NOTHING HAPPENED. The office of attorney general confirmed the receipt of that submission. Nevertheless SINCE THEN no action against culprits was taken to our knowledge


IS SLOVAKIA REALLY A LAW-ABIDING NATION - which is the precondition for being accepted in the EU as a new member state?

Do the Slovak top politicians just PRETEND to build up a law-abiding State?

How long will the present political ruling powers of Slovakia apply RELIGIOUS FUNDAMENTALIST positions in their every-day policy trying to hide behind nice legislative measures, which remain just on paper , while the ruling powers themselves do not feel committed to follow them in their policy?


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