Brain-mini.jpg (6327 bytes) Yes, in some way we do. But our belief is rational, not religious. We only believe such matters when there are rational reasons to believe. (Ingemar Hedenius in "Faith and Knowledge"). Of course we are atheists but this gives only the answer on one particular question, and that's: "No, we don't believe there is or can be some god or gods". This non-belief does not say anything about our other opinions and comprehensions. As human≠ ethicals and secular humanists we do believe in mankind's pos≠sibility to create a better world, that it is meaningful to work for our own happiness and for the progress of others, and that the discussion about "the meaning of life" has definitely nothing to do with a belief in God or in an existence of an "afterlife".


We do believe:


We don't believe:


Quoted from  leaflet of Human Ethical Association of Všsteras  Sweden

See their Websites: http://www.go.to/botulfbladet

or: http://herregud.com/hefv


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