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In the Czech republic and the „deeply religious“ Slovakia the following joke is being circulated:

 Why the all-knowing god could not get his PhD title

1.- He produced only one single publication
2.- It has been written in Hebrew
3.- In that publication references on older publications used at compiling it were completely omitted
4.- It was never published as a whole of parts of it in any scientific journal.
5.- There are strong doubts , that he has written it himself
6.- Despite of the wide accessibility of that publication it is not known , what he did after writing it.
7,- Team work at the creative procedures described in the publication is none.
8.- No one succeeded  to repeat his experiments with identical results.
9.- He had no approval from any ethical commission to make such experiments with human beings
10.-When he did not succeed in one experiment, he tried to cover up his failure by drowning the objects of his experiment
11.- All individuals who did not behave according his expectation were eliminated from the  test
12.- He did not keep lectures personally, just he commanded his students to read them
13.- Instead of teaching himself   he  charged his son by teaching.
14.- He evicted his first two students, because they were eager to acquire knowledge
15.-  Although he  demands only ten conditions to be  fulfilled, the overwhelming majority of students fail at the practical test.
16.- He gives consultation extremely rarely , even if he does, he makes it from the top of a hill.

Sent by A. Klanecky.)

Courtesy of Victor J. Stenger - University of Hawaii



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