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 Catholic Church blackmails the Parliament  

Recently in Slovakia a widespread discussion about the imminent LEGAL BAN of abortion took place. The original idea of banning came from the governmental party KDH (Christian Democratic Movement), which despite its 7 % electoral base aspires to DICTATE the whole nation its anti-democratic views.

Fortunately the popular resistance expressed by a host of NGO-s and especially by the attitude of another governmental party - the liberal party ANO (Alliance of the New Citizens) lead to an amendment of the old “abortion law”, which  allowed  under reasonably substantiated condition abortion legally.

The campaign, preceding the final parliamentary vote was accompanied by a nightmarish intimidation and spreading of religious delusions about the big crime of killing unborn innocent children. It culminated in declaration from CHURCH Hierarchy disseminated by all available channels that those deputies of parliament (MP-s) who will vote for the amendment not consistent with Catholic Church dogma ( and exaggerated demands of Bishops Conference) WILL BE EXCOMMUNICATED from Catholic Church!!

 Finally the parliament PASSED the amendment proposed by ANO (Alliance of the New Citizens) to the huge consternation of their governmental partner party KDH and the Catholic Hierarchy, which pulls the strings of that party behind the screen. Now they threaten with a parliamentary crisis and they are going to EXPEL the ANO governmental party from the government!!


The Catholic hierarchy is furious.

The chairman of the Bishops Conference Bishop František Tondra, proclaimed that the passing of that amendment has been a treachery committed on the ELECTORATE ( comment: which electorate ? those 7 % who want to DICTATE along with the Bishops Conference the WHOLE NATION?) He continues to affirm: “In my opinion they HAVE BEEN EXCOMMUNICATED”, but this excommunication can be reversed by PENITENCE  ( See: Pravda July 5, 2003)


Nice blackmailing!  If thee NP- s change their mind everything in the eyes of GOD ALMIGHTY / and the Catholic Church of Slovakia will be OK!)

The Catholic fundamentalist clique CONTINUES namely its struggle trying to persuade the PRESIDENT not to sign the law and to return it again to the parliament.