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Highest award for a clerofascist regime supporter.

After November 1989, attempts surfaced to revive and glorify the darkest epoch of Slovak history- the clerofascist war-time regime under the presidency of Catholic priest Josef Tiso. The proponents of this revival were backed by, among others, Catholic clerics who hoped to reinstate the special privileges and unprecedented powers that the Tiso era clerics enjoyed, and at the same time restore the reputation of the Catholic dignitaries of that regime (see "Attempts to Revive the Clerofascist Slovak State" on this web page). These attempts were gradually mitigated and muted by the voice of the democratic community in Western Europe and worldwide.

Recent developments in Slovakia indicate that these reactionary initiatives still live in the political ambitions of some adventurers. They obtained approval to grant the highest award of Slovak State, the

First Grade PRIBINA Cross, to the late DR. JOZEF MIKUŠ.

He was an active supporter of the fascist regime and an ally of Slovak war criminal Ferdinand Durcanský who was on the UN list of war criminals of Category A. Dr. Mikuš was a diplomat and high state official in Tiso's clerofascist regime. After the victory over Hitler and his satellite allies, Mikus covered up his past activities and secured a high post in the state administration of the post-war Czechoslovak state. He was eventually arrested because Ferdinand Durcanský, who was organising subversive actions against the democratic post-war Czechoslovakia while in exile, sent his agent Rudolf Komander to Slovakia with instructions to contact Jozef Mikuš.

Dr. Mikuš managed to escape from Czechoslovakia abroad -where he remained a staunch admirer

of clerofascism. He denounced the Slovak National Uprising against Hitler's satellite regime in Slovakia as a "NATIONAL TRAGEDY OF SLOVAKIA" (see his "Memoirs of a Slovak Diplomat" published in Cleveland).

This award evoked protests by some Slovak historians and by the leadership of Antifascist Combatants Association. They sent their protests to the president of Slovakia, Rudolf Schuster, after he signed the decree awarding Jozef Mikuš with PRIBINA Cross accepting thus an act which is a disgrace to the image of "democratic" Slovakia.

Are the current politicians in Slovakia aware of how its citizens feel about these matters? If not, we are doomed to follow the mistakes of the past. Further attempts to make heroes of heavily compromised fascist representatives of the former clerofascist Slovakia will follow.

How can the European Union and the family of democratic states accept Slovakia as a candidate for the EU, if the revival of the old fascist regime clouds its current state policy?

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