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We received an anonymous letter sent by an unknown lady who addressed this letter to some editorial board of a periodical, and sent the copy of this letter to our Society.





We publish the English translation as a proof, that in Slovakia even the freedom of expression in public press is oppressed in favour of subservient creeping at the feet of churches.

( English translation)

 Dear Editor,

I have read your article about the church in Slovakia with great interest; unfortunately after reading it I was very much disappointed, really very much. Why?

-How can you write such unbelievable deception, that the Catholic Church in Slovakia is poor?

-In fact it receives from the State budget 500-700 millions of Sk, which makes more than 6 billions in the last ten years!

-Where is the money they receive day- in- day-out from believers? How much is that? Doesn’t it make additional tens of millions Sk? And where is the money they receive from other financial sources, e.g. from municipalities and from regional and district bodies?

-How come that our priest has got every two years a brand-new car? Where from does he get that money if priests have such a miserable salary?

-How come, that he goes every year for vacations abroad? How can he save for it? Have YOU ever been dear editors, on your vacation with your wife or with your girl friend in Mexico- like our poor priest usually does?

-Why did you not write about how many churches have been erected all over Slovakia? Even in the smallest villages counting not more than 500 inhabitants brand-new churches have been erected for many millions of Sk, while young people have no place where to live. Not to speak that we have the maximum numbers of churches in the whole of Europe per number of citizens!

-Why did you not write whatsoever about the huge proprieties of Church? About the many thousands of hectares of forests and fields, the church gets benefit of and about all additional financial assets?

-Are you not in the least ashamed in your editorial office for such non- objective and falsified assertions in your articles?

-How many millions of Sk does the Catholic Church receive as donations and many other ecclesiastic tithes , collections for repair of cultural monuments, humanitarian activities, etc? Did someone ever try to calculate it?

- Without any control, without any tax documents, without any automated cash register , without compulsory tax declarations where do these millions flow?

-Why do you not write how much are the fees for baptising newborns, confirmation, marriages, and funerals?

- Do you know how much is the cost for a Catholic wedding, if you have not all the sacraments OK? ------Who is cashing in his pockets all this black ready-cash?

- We often hear about the black or grey economy, and what about such an economy? This is not a black economy?

- And one more thing. We know from the international press about the sexual scandals of priests abroad in USA, Australia, Austria and elsewhere, about paedophilia, child pornography, homosexuality etc. Do you think that the same things do not happen in this country?

-What about to write something about all these issues, once you assert that you are an independent press! But instead of it you write with a much higher loyalty, than you could do it in Catholic news editorial board!

-As a matter of fact, you have nothing to be proud about! Have you a bit of professional honour and civil courage! Or do you not have enough moral fibre? Slovakia is not such a Catholic country as it is officially and in public affirmed. There are more than 2 millions of non-believing citizens! If someone was baptised as a child, it does not mean that he/she will stay a fanatic Catholic all his/her life long


Your reader

(Do not be annoyed that I do not indicate my name, but I work in State administration and the head of our office is really a religious fanatic)*)

*)Comment of editor: If he were not- he couldn’t sit in a leading position in State administrative!