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Múdrosť a tolerancia sú dve najdôležitejšie cesty k slobode
From The Editor

We are tolerant, but contest against clericalism

It happens often when believers send us letters, that they reproach us of writing exclusively things which are against religions (or against the Churches). They contend that we should say rather who we are and what we want to propose as our message … We can understand all that, everyone is prone to perceive painfully more a piece of criticism than lots of praise. If we are shown a photograph where we are supposed to be among the others, wed seek first of all ourselves. A pregnant woman perceives with surprise how many other women are pregnant too. Well, and a believer while reading the texts on our pages sees only such things which are against his grain – he sees only criticism of his beloved subject. We criticise the Church, not his personal belief, but he is not able tom separate these two diverse points at all.

If you perceive our pages in the same way, dear reader and visitor to our website, we want to ask you to read these pages more carefully in all sections and in all themes. Thereafter you may grasp fully who we are and how we think, for what we champion and what we reject. But before you can comprehend the truth about what is for us the essential matter and what's the message we want to spread we can repeat it again and again.

We do not fight against the believers! We are all for tolerance – you can find this motto in the heading of our website. We fight against ignorance, against superstitions, clericalism, fanaticism and fundamentalism of all kind, including that one which these days so much fostered – the economic delusion.

We are striving for what has N. V. Nikitin said … Our main goal is "today" to maintain and strengthen the atheist starting point… We want alongside with the believers to struggle for strengthening the humanist ideals in the community, to protect all who are wronged regardless of their worldviews. We don't want the believers to stop being believers, but we expect that they won't ask from us to become religious believers.


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