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Humanists – the promoters of Enlightenment in the 21-th century

In one of the uppermost Northern corners of this beautiful county of ours-called sometimes the small Switzerland- which is one of the most religious region of Slovakia, where children are still born and going to church is the common everyday event nearly foe everyone , who still is able to walk, a strange thing happened.

In the district capital town, where three primary schools operate, one of which is a faith school (ecclesiastic school) a "syndrome of atheism" emerged.. Less children were registered for the faith school than in the preceding year. From the overall number of 118 only 15 applied, the rest of the children decided for one of the two state schools.

In the regional newspapers they quote the headmistress as saying:" People don't understand always what it means to go to church and what it means to have a lucid faith. With the majority of Catholics their faith is not so profound to make them feel the need of registering their child in a faith school. Some of them even don't miss the creed- they have a TV, computers and other things, why to bother with our Lord God."

No need to comment it. The crisis of the Slovakian Christendom in the context of the European and the global crisis is evident. A citizen in a democratic ambience acts according his own belief. If he is not forced to manifest publicly his/ her feelings, he shows to the Church hierarchy, what he / she thinks about the Church efforts to make the whole society clerical. Of course such citizens don't speak up very aloud in public.

We need in these days courageous people, who won't keep silent. "The Enlightenment proponents were not so great only for their keenness of fighting against superstition and because many of them were atheists, but because they were democrats, they broke the shackles of the traditional superstitions and prejudices., they advocated the powers of reason, of the eternal justice and the unalienable rights of the human being"*)

Today the humanists are such promoters of enlightenment including the humanists of Slovakia., even if it is not always comfortable for them.

*) In: L. Hubenák : Uncrowned king of Europe F. M. Voltaire, p. 29


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